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Stupid sequence of the day

Inspired from ReWolf:
9A 69 E8 C8 C2 CD C3
generates instructions that decode correctly at every bytes, independantly of the following bytes...
9A 69E8C8C2CDC3 callf 0C3CD:0C2C8E869
69 E8C8C2CDC3 imul ebp,eax,0C3CDC2C8
E8 C8C2CDC3 call 0C40E0C36
C8 C2CDC3 enter 0CDC2,0C3
C2 CDC3 retn 0C3CD
CD C3 int 0C3
C3 retn
sadly the 69 imul doesn't always decode that way, it's not a generic 5 bytes cloaker.