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I still don't have the time to write a decent blog article, but at least, I managed to do a few things since the last post (if you don't follow me on twitter or reddit):
  • Trying to improve my screencasting methodology, I created a screencast tutorial on reJava (compare with my previous one and let me know which one is better).
  • a summary of PDF tricks page, with various categories (encodings, structures, javascript...), and for each example, a handmade, clean and minimal PoC.
  • In order to study a way to document in details a binary, I created a commented IDB of a PE file packed with UPX - released as is, on request but I find it a sub-optimal way to document assembly, especially as it's not really possible to easily move this information to another IDB.
  • a small update to my PE infographics, some fixes, and improvments of the resource section.
  • a merge from the aPlib part of Kabopan as a single independent
  • a commented disassembly of Peter Ferrie's new EICAR file
  • a commented disassembly of Yosuke Hasegawa's AA86, the symbol assembler.
    Example: "Hello World" code:
  • a handy python script to rename unicode filenames (and back), very handy for these tools that don't support unicode filenames.
    ex: 日本.txt <=> &'#26085;&'#26412;.txt
  • a yED graph of intel AVX2 opcodes descriptions (png): totally useless in itself, yet all these opcodes are scary.