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Mireille est une star au fin fond du Tibet

Here are a few things that I released recently but didn't get a regular blog post, just a twitter entry:
  • Usermode test(v0.1): a usermode opcode tester, covering most opcodes, including rare, obsolete, recent, undocumented, 64 bits, exception triggers, anti-debugs.... (gathering and extending the result of my previous blog entries and programs)
  • Following Peter Ferrie's article, I wrote a commented source of JJencode, the funny javascript obfuscator, along with a dumb decryption script.
  • I extended y0da's binary corpus, with various compiled files and my own experimental PEs, to build my own binary corpus. It covers a lot of different compilers, sections layout, image directories,...
  • I created a simple screencast to introduce tracing with OllyDbg, based on Oleh's tutorial.