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Ne trouvez-vous donc pas, l'histoire un peu répétitive ?

a simple API jump
If you check Wine's source:
void WINAPI RtlCopyLuid (PLUID LuidDest, const LUID *LuidSrc)
*LuidDest = *LuidSrc;
you see that this little NtDll API is very strong: no check is done, so it could be used literally for anything. A simple way to use it is just to jump, by setting the right arguments.


...Weiß noch nicht, dass er tanzen muss

misc update
Just to let you know I updated the Map and Downloads, hoping things will be a little more detailed about my various experiments.

petite mise à jour
Simplement pour vous dire que j'ai mis à jour la Carte et les Téléchargements, en espérant que les choses soient un peu plus claires concernant mes bidouillages.


Sans réfléchir, ne me demande pas comment...

a bit of nostalgia
my first game crack was purely accidental (i own the game too!):
both edited by Microprose, F15 Strike eagle II and F19 stealth fighter had the same structure:
a small (F15|F9).COM file calling the main GAME.EXE file
what if you swap one game's .COM with the other game's ?