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when VMs have only one opcode...

VMs are common in advanced packers or virii, but they seem to follow the same architectures (x86 or stack machine).
I was curious, and implemented, around a small fibonacci example, the usual models of course, but as well the TTA and Subleq ones, two models of one instruction set architectures.

Opcode-less VMs are quite small in code, but the virtual code is quite obscure - which makes an easy but annoying challenge:
typically, you would expect that MOV is the most basic opcode, and arithmetic operations tend to be more complex. But in Subleq, a standard MOV is made of 4 lines of code, while SUB+JLE is only 1.


This is not a pipe

...nor a virus.... just the EICAR test file.
I never took the time before to look at it in details, so I wrote a commented source to re-create it exactly.

Source code