Map and projects (the most frequently updated page of this blog)



dila's Fishing with Dila v0.1, 2, 3, 4, 5
simply funny.

Hmx0101's CrackMe8
RVA, Upx+Epp, 2 Anti-Olly, serial=CleanAlgo(name)

Hmx0101's CrackMe7
same packing, serial=CleanAlgo(name)

Hmx0101's CrackMe6
packer = custom (junk + xor loop) + UPX, original test,
the check should have been much more complex. very original but disappointing in the end

Hmx0101's CrackMe5
original too. not difficult but entertaining.

Hmx0101's CrackMe4
original again. Anti-debug & unpacking, 3 serials, complex algo

Hmx0101's CrackMe2
hardcoded buggy password

Hmx0101's secretme1
Serial=CleanAlgo(CurrentPID, GetComputerName)
I didn't like the mix of patching and keygenning, though.

Hmx0101's KeyFileMe
line1 = Name, line2 = Serial, Serial=BloatedAlgo(Name)

Hmx0101's junky_1
limited junk, hardcoded password, simple decryption

raven's no_reason
clean. minimalist anti-debug. serial=GoodAlgo(Name)

raven's no_reason2
original anti-debugs & checks. serial=GoodAlgo(Name). Interesting!