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a PE Headers graph
If you're looking for a good representation of the PE format, OpenRCE's poster from Ero Carrera is the standard.
I gave it a try making my own representation, and started a multi-page one, lighter to open, easier to print (A4-formatted), where elements are shown differently depending on their importance.

The first page is done: the Headers (without the directories).

the source file, an Inkscape SVG, is available under the Creative Commons Attribution licence.

PE Format 1 : Headers (PDF)

un graphe des en-têtes du PE
Si vous cherchez une bonne représentation du format PE, le poster d'OpenRCE par Ero Carrera est le standard.
J'ai essayé de faire ma propre représentation, et j'en ai commencé une, multi-pages, plus légère, plus facile à imprimer (format A4), et les éléments sont représentés en fonction de leur importance.

La première page est finie : les en-têtes (sans les directories).

Le fichier source, un SVG Inkscape, est fourni sous la license Creative Commons Attribution.

PE Format 1 : En-têtes (PDF)


  1. Very Nice idea Ange = really like that layout

    Bob McArdle

  2. Great stuff. The layout is very nice indeed.
    In the DOS header, only the magic and PE offset are important. The other fields can be zeroed out.

  3. Updated, with 64b info, and several corrections.

  4. Now with lighter layout and a few corrections or cosmetics changes.