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a bit of nostalgia (virii)
my first contact with a computer virus was Ping-Pong, which infected our 10 Mhz 8086. Hopefully, a magazine was giving the solution (for free!): they were giving the hex sequence to search and replace !!!
While it was a working solution, it was not exactly 'user-friendly': Hey Grandma, launch PCTools 4.30, open the hex editor, then.... err, nevermind !

My 2nd interaction with a virus was Tequila: it kept re-infecting our computer. However, because our 20 Mb hard disk was very noisy, I could eventually recognize the sound of the virus infecting the MBR ! Instant detection, but once again, not exactly the most user friendly !

Hopefully, Anti-Virus softwares are now a bit better than 'listen to your hard disk' or 'search and replace yourself' !


  1. Marrant c'était mon premier contact aussi !
    J'avais adoré l'idée et je l'adore toujours... seul probleme était qu'il faisait planter Maniac Mansion, Prince of Persia, un vrai bonheur :-)

    Par contre, je me souviens pas avoir eu de deuxième contact...


  2. Anonymous3/2/11 18:15

    Mon premier contact aussi !
    j'ai toujour une copie sur une disquette 5,25 pouces 360 Kio